The 2013 Tow Show was very well received at our new venue in Hamilton.  The Careport Centre gave us the ability to keep the venders inside out of the weather and the competitions just steps from the front door.  On Friday night the light show competition was held with a good turnout, and while the participants were getting their vehicles ready for people to judge there was a magician roaming the vender area boggling people’s minds with his abilities while others was having a good time visiting and enjoying the snacks that were provided.

The show continued on Saturday with the competitions being held throughout the day with the venders being on hand to answer any questions regarding their products.  Harold Markle from Canadian Towing Equipment put together the Markle Maze for people to try and figure out what vehicle would move first with Andy Gobbo guessing the winner.  Way to go Andy!!!!   The kids were also treated to the opportunity to help up-right a rig which was very entertaining for all. Near the main entrance of the building was a dunk tank and people had the good fortune for $5 a turn to try to dunk Doug Nelson, Executive Director and Joey Gagne, PTAO President.  Hopefully next year we will be able to have a few more brave souls join in and sit in the hot seat.  There was a colouring contest inside for kids ages 5 – 8 years of age to have a little down time and colour a picture.  The day ended with the closing banquet where a nice dinner was served, everyone could enjoy a well deserved beverage together and celebrate the winners of the competitions as they received their awards.  The winners were as follows:

LIGHT DUTY, LIGHT SHOW – Sponsored By Provincial Towing Association

1st –   Matt Fedele, ABC Towing
2nd –  Wade Farmer, KBW Towing
3rd –  Evyn Dhaliwal, Total Roadside Solutions

HEAVY DUTY LIGHT SHOW – Sponsored By PBL Insurance

1st – Jorge Quintero, KBW Towing
2nd – Kevin Richardson, Metro Towing
3rd –  Mike Kaczur, Ken’s Towing

LIGHT DUTY BEAUTY – Sponsored By Canadian Towing Equipment

1st –  Mark Jorgensen, Mark Jorgensen Towing
2nd –  Matt Fedele, ABC Towing
3rd –  Tom Orr,  Lovedays Towing

MEDIUM DUTY BEAUTY – Sponsored by Provincial Towing Association

This competition was brought back this year as we were informed that people were asking for it.  Unfortunately we did not have anyone register for it.  If you would like it back again next year please advise us as soon as possible so we can add it the schedule.

FLATBED BEAUTY – Sponsored By Provincial Towing Association

1st –  Bob Gosbee, Stark Auto Sales
2nd –  Jeff Holmes, Stellar Roadside Assistance
3rd –  Adam Barczak, Towtal Roadside Solutions

HEAVY DUTY BEAUTY – Sponsored By Eagle Towing Equipment

1st –  Derek Martin, Metro Towing
2nd –  Steve White, Towne Towing
3rd –  Les Tennent, Les Tennant Towing

LIGHT DUTY CHALLENGE – Sponsored By C A A South Central Ontario

1st –  Bill Hudson, Stellar Roadside Assistance
2nd –  Bill Yates, Stellar Roadside Assistance
3rd –  Max Dosanjh, A Towing Service

HEAVY DUTY CHALLENGE – Sponsored By Canadian Towing Equipment

1st –  Pete McNaughton, KBW Towing
2nd –  Frank Dorval, Frank’s Heavy Towing
3rd –  Jorge Quintero, KBW Towing

LIGHT DUTY BACK-UP – Sponsored By Professional Dispatch Group

1st –  Micheal Charbrol, Towtal Roadside Solutions
2nd –  Bill Yates, Stellar Roadside Assistance
3rd –  Melion,

HEAVY DUTY BACK-UP – Sponsored By Ontario Recovery Group

1st –  Pete McNaughton, KBW Towing
2nd –  Mike Chabrol, Towtal Roadside Solutions
3rd –  Jay Walker, KBW Towing

LOCK OUT – Sponsored By A W Direct

1st –  Thurston, A Towing Service
2nd –  Biggie, KBW Towing
3rd –  Fred Hadduighane, Stellar Roadside Assistance

Congratulations to all the winners and hope to see you next year.

Along with the competition awards the two annual awards for outstanding people in the industry were awarded with the Towman of Recognition being awarded to North Wellington Tow Group and the Towperson of the Year being awarded to Elaine Poyntz.

The weekend was completed on Sunday morning with a pancake breakfast being sponsored by the Ontario Recovery Group at the Careport Centre.  Thank you to Gary and Tammy Vandenheuval from the ORG for organizing and holding this event.  A great way to start a rather foggy morning!

All in all the weekend was a resounding success and we hope to see everyone again next year, same time same place.

Again we would like to thank all our vendors, sponsors and participants…without you we wouldn’t have a show.