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ABOUT US – History About Association?

The Provincial Towing Association (Ontario) Inc. was an offshoot of the old Ontario Towing and Recovery Association. The Provincial Towing Association (Ontario) Inc., (PTAO) was incorporated in 1998 and was run by a group of dedicated but busy volunteers. To their credit the ensuing Board of Directors managed to keep the Tow Shows going and get involved in some of the issues that confronted the industry as they became concerns. There was no head office or staff to head up the day to day issues. This very fact added a lot of pressure and consumed a lot of the Board of Directors’ valuable time.PTAO

In 2003-2004 a new Board was elected and during several board meetings a plan was put into place to hire a part time Executive Director to re-organize the Association, clean up any issues, produce a business plan and deal with the day to day issues as they presented themselves.

To this end, and due to the retirement from business of one of the directors, an Executive Director was hired on a part time basis. The new Executive Director was Doug Nelson of who had been recently hired on a part time basis by the Ontario Recovery Group. In considering the new position and the future of the PTAO, a head office was established in Bracebridge which would ultimately become the head office for three identities being the PTAO, the ORG and Doug Nelson Limited. The leased premises were cleaned, renovated, painted and furnished with the help of some of the Board members. A new office and training centre emerged and a grand opening was held on September 9th, 2005. The opening was attended by the MPP, for Muskoka, the Mayor of Bracebridge, the OPP, and the MTO in addition to both Boards of Directors. The future of the PTAO and ORG just got brighter.